December 25, 1913


A modest and refined cow of Winsted, Connecticut, refused to be milked until the man who had bought her put on a skirt. She had been raised by two old maids.

Mike Cavanaugh, a woodsman, aged about 33 years, was found dead in bed at Breakarm’s restaurant at Cass Wednesday morning. He had been on a protracted spree. His body was shipped to his people at Emporium, Pennsylvania.

Last Saturday night, J. H. Smith, a restaurant keeper of Thornwood, shot a young man named Gutshall, in the shoulder with a pistol. A number of drunken men were getting noisy in Smith’s restaurant and he attempted to quiet them. Gutshall attempted to hit Smith with a stool and he shot him. At the trial on Monday, Smith was turned loose and Gutshall was fined $25 for disorderly conduct.

Harry Thompson, of Buckeye, killed a large otter in the deep water near his home. This is the first killed on the Greenbrier River in a number of years. He saw it swimming about and shot it.

W. McClintic, as usual, killed the biggest hogs of the season. The largest, a three year old hog of the O. I. C. breed, tipped the scales at 860 pounds gross and 812 pounds net. He had eight other hogs a little over a year old that averaged 475 pounds.

The best Christmas ever – this is the report of every merchant in Marlinton. The crowded stores of the past two weeks and the empty shelves and display tables on Christmas morning make it easy to believe.



Students at home for the Christmas holidays, J. J. McClintic and Ralph Yeager, University of Virginia; Misses Nell Yeager and Fannie Golden, Mary Baldwins Seminary, Staunton; Misses Agnes and Margaret Price, Elise McClintic, Mary Frances Bratton, and Lynette McKeever, Lewisburg Female Institute, John Robert Arbogast, from Randolph-Macon Academy, Bedford City; Charles J. Richardson, Jr., Randolph-Macon Academy, Front Royal; Reed Moore, Wesleyan College, Buckhannon; Misses Lucille and Merl McClintic, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, Lynchburg.



We are having fine weather after the storm of last week.

Miss Maybell Carpenter was shopping at Cass last week.

A. M. Taylor will soon have his blacksmith shop at Dunmore completed and ready to move into.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jacob McLaughlin, December 18, a son.

J. W. Carpenter, the Cass barber, spent last Thursday night on the Creek with relatives.

Joe McLaughlin, Clyde and Delbert Carpenter are the champion rabbit hunters, having killed over 250 this season.

Willie Shrader, of the Hills, passed through with a load of grain enroute for the Dunmore mill.



And then it rained, look out for mud holes in the roads. Some of the roads should have been dragged and some holes filled with gravel and stone.

Merritt and Warren Moore are at home for the holidays.

Jacob Lightner was in our neighborhood with cattle.

John W. Lindsay, Ellis M. Bussard and C. B. Swecker appraised the personal effects of Armenius Bussard last Friday.

Zane Campbell, band master, is clerking for W. A. Noel.

Auctioneer C. B. Swecker will, on December 29, 1913, make one of the largest sales of fine, fat stock and butcher’s outfit ever made in the city of Marlinton, W. Va. It will pay you to come a long way to attend this gigantic sale.

The county court will be asked at the January term to build a bridge across Thomas Creek between Dunmore and Sitlington. It is badly needed.



Fred Conrad has been doing quite a job of threshing for Mack Kerr.

R. N. Gum, of Bartow, has been grinding for Sandy Patterson. Robert knows how to make good buckwheat flour.

E. H. Moore, our deputy sheriff, was in this section last week calling on the taxpayers.

Wise Gillispie is able to be out again, we are glad to say.

There is quite a lot of Christmas goods on display a Hamed’s.

James Gillispie was at Henry Wooddell’s last week, mending harness.



We are having some very nice weather after the hard storm of last week. It was the coldest weather we have had in two years.

Died, the little child of Mr. and Mrs. L. S . Cosner, aged one week. The parents have the sympathy of all their friends.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shoemaker, December 10, a son.



The Log cabin Christmas entertanment given by Oak Grove Sunday school last Friday night was largely attended and much enjoyed by all – especially by the children.

C. F. Stulting and sister, Miss Mamie, left Saturday for Charlottesville, Va.

Mrs. Mary Frances Clark, who has been critically ill for some weeks, is still confined to her bed.

Miss Eva Moore is off to Mt. Solon and Luray, Va., visiting her aunts, uncles and cousins.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Warn, of Mill Point, will leave next Monday for Los Angeles, California, where they will spend the winter with Mr. Warn’s parents. We could spell the names of some others who would be delighted to spend the winter in that land of sunshine and flowers.



Christmas is here with its good cheer and the people are preparing for pleasant family reunions.

Henry Herold, of Augusta county, is at the home of his father, Wise Herold, for the holidays.

Cecil Collins is home from Cincinnati; and many others from various places are returning to their old homes for the holidays. We are glad to see the young people getting home.



We have been having mild weather for the time of year.

The health of the people of this vicinity is very good at this time.

Ruth and Verna Fertig were visiting in the Hills recently.

N. R. Fertig attended the reading circle at Frost.



Reed Moore is at home for the holidays from Wesleyan College, Buckhannon.

Several of the people from here attended the S. C. Bater sale last Tuesday.

Henry W. Beard, of Academy, spent last Sunday and Monday with his friend, Allen Clark Young.

Bob Geiger has finished Thornt Delaney’s new house at Woodrow, and is at home for the holidays.

Dick Smith butchered the champion beef cow of the county last week.



The peace of the Master’s presence be thine; the joy of a fellowship in service with Him who gives meaning to this season lend a holy triumph to thy soul; the benediction of God’s spirit abide upon thee; and be thou by these, of which thou art blessed, a blessing unto they fellow pilgrims at this glad Christmas Season.

Yours in Christ,

J. Herbert Bean

Pastor of the Marlinton Methodist Church





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