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100 Years Ago

Thursday, July 14, 1921

Ten men in the county jail. Five moonshiners, 4 pistol toters, and one for the grand jury.

– – –

W. B. Freeman and his son, Dorsey Freeman, were before Squire Smith on Tuesday, charged with operating a moonshine still at their home at Top of Allegheny. They gave bonds of $1,000 each for their appearance here Saturday morning for their preliminary hearing. On Tuesday, State Constables Moore and Wooddell visited the Freeman home on the Staunton Pike at Top Allegheny and captured two stills. One was a small one and the other a big “government” still of sixty-gallon capacity. There was a lot of mash, too.

– – –

A cloudburst on Elk mountain Wednesday put Sunday clothes on Indian Draft for a few hours. The stream was past fording.

– – –

The members of the M. E. South Sunday School at Sunset, went to Marlinton on the 4th of July and spent the morning in the town and then went to the top of the Price Hill to a nice shady place and there with a few of their friends and neighbors spread a bountiful picnic feast and enjoyed a fine social time. The little fellows had a fine time together, and enjoyed a trip to Buckeye and back. The party then broke up and all went back to Marlinton to enjoy the balance of the day.


The Times;

The emergency tariff, low price of livestock, the nailed down price of war time meals, bad roads and mineral springs are all real live issues. The changed salutation from “good morning” and “good evening,” to “have you been indicted yet?” proves that the world still moves. Occasionally roads get the same incentive.

Up Knapps Creek way, via the Laughing Water, it’s no wonder, like Daniel of old facing Jerusalem in his prayers, they were praying to the Charleston powers for the Class A to pass that way. I know of nothing worse than the road from Huntersville to Minnehaha than going through a stone crusher backwards…

Kenney Dilley


Mr. Fred Pritchard and Miss Bessie Baxter.

Joe Cameron Meeks and Merle Ola Gibson, Stony Bottom.

R. N. Scott and Anna Clough, near Hillsboro.

Pearl Arthur Kesler and Minnie Cassell, Cass.

Lowell M. Grimes and Anna Hefner, Millpoint.

Alva A. Johnson and Ethel V. Waugh, Marlinton.

Theo Dunbrack and Nellie Foe, Campbelltown.


Otho W. Ruckman, one of the oldest citizens of Pocahontas County died Friday, July 8, 1921, at the home of his son, O. D. Ruckman, Clintonville, Greenbrier County. His age was 90 years. He was sick but a short time. He enjoyed a physical and mental vigor to the last that was remarkable for his advanced age. He was married four times, his last wife being Mrs. Rachel Moore Friel, who survives him.

– – –

Armstead Coombs died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J. M. Cunningham in Marlinton Tuesday morning, July 12, 1921, aged 80 years. On July 4, a year ago, he was stricken with paralysis, and has since been confined to his bed. Burial at the Waugh graveyard on Indian Draft Wednesday afternoon…

Mr. Coombs was born and raised in Hardy County. At the outbreak of the war he volunteered as a soldier in the Confederate army and served as a member of the McNellis Rangers. He was a member of the party that rode into Cumberland and captured Generals Cook and Kelly.

Mr. Coombs is survived by his wife, Mrs. Hannah Coombs, who was a daughter of the late Jacob Waugh…

For many years, Mr. Coombs has been a Christian and a member of the Methodist church. He was a kindly man, always a favorite with children.

“Soldier, rest, thy warfare o’er.”


Minnehaha Springs Hotel

DID you know that the Minnehaha Springs Bathing Pool is open every night until 9 p.m.?

DID you know that you can get a Club House, Ham or Chicken Sandwich, with hot coffee or cold drinks, at the pool?

DID you know that you can get up a party and get a rate of 50¢ for the round trip any evening?

DID you know, Mr. Auto Owner, that we have lots of room to park cars while you enjoy life?”


It is a Pleasure to Serve You.

– – –

Minnehaha Springs Hotel

Will serve a 5 o’clock dinner Sunday.
Russian Fruit Punch
Pimiento Salad
Bread Sticks
Cream of Corn Soup
Toasted Croutons
Queen of Olives
Dill Pickles
Roast Young Turkey
Nut Dressing
Leg of Lamb
Mint Sauce
Riced Potatoes
Cream Pea Patties
Watrous Special Buns
Fruit Compote
Peach Cobbler
Prune Whip
Loaf Cake

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