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100 Years Ago

Thursday, August 1, 1918


The Wheeling Register of July 22 prints a letter from Corporal Perry B. Fisher, 15th U. S. Engineers with the American Expeditionary Forces in France, written to his brother Andrew in Wheeling:

Dear Brother: I have been confined to a base hospital with a slight injury the past four weeks and three days. Nothing serious, and I am as good as ever. Since my last missive, the Yanks have been raising hell over here. In fact, we of the Engineering Corps have been sleeping with our boots on and our gas masks within easy reach. The Huns have our address and we had the pleasure (?) of a visit the other night. It was quite interesting for a time until the Yank birds chased them away.

Andy, you say that Watson, Neely and Honus Ritter are the likely candidates this fall. I hope so. In fact, nothing would please me better than to see Watson as our candidate for Senator. I personally know that if the boys in the A. E. F. are permitted to vote in the coming election they will cast a solid vote for Clarence Watson, since he is one of us. Then again, one must consider his business ability and his closeness to Woodrow Wilson, the man of the hour. No man more able to represent the interests of West Virginia and the nation can be selected by the people of our home State. I hope that I am able to do my share when the time comes…”


On next Tuesday, August 6th, 1918, a primary election will be held in the county, and it is the duty of all voters to come on that day and register their votes.

Now is the time for us to show that we appreciate our country and our form of government. Too many of us do not realize that right at this time, with all the great nations of the world engaged in war, this country of ours, and this people of ours, are going forward more smoothly and with less governmental and political friction than any other nation. And the reason is our free ballot whereby we know that at regular and stated intervals we can correct any abuses we believe to exist in our government…

– – –

The primary is next week and it is the first primary election that we have ever seen approach with so little said and done to stir up strife and confusion among the people. Some time ago the President said something about politics being adjourned, and that has been taken very literally in this part of the country. The mimic warfare of the old time primaries has been totally obscured by a very real and serious warfare to preserve our system of government formed by our revered ancestors and bequeathed to us to keep and maintain.


Morris Friel and Summers Galford have a job of skidding at Rimel for G. H. Huntley and will commence in a few days.

J. H. Buzzard was here buying calves a few days ago.

W. H. Shearer, the “Cattle King,” was here recently buying fat cattle to ship to the Jersey City stock yards.

Leman Bennett and John Galford recently trapped a very large bear; it was old and a very large one; they also trapped a 2 year old the 1st of the month.

Mrs. Mary Gay is at Camp Lee to see her husband, Reed Gay, who is sick with measles and pneumonia.


The time of harvest is at hand. Everybody is busy. No slackers here.

Mrs. Edgar McLaughlin, of Maxwelton, was here to see her brother, Winfred McElwee, before he leaves for training camp.

Mr. and Mrs. June McElwee and Miss Merle Moore were in Marlinton last Saturday.

A chicken roast was given in the honor of Winfred McElwee, before going to the training camp, by Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Pritchard, of Raywood. All of the folks were there, and enjoyed the roast hugely.


One 6-room cottage, plastered rooms, lot 40×120 ft. Property in fine condition. Price $1,100 cash or on 12 months’ time, $1,200.

One 14-room house, 10 plastered rooms, fine location, house arranged for two families or would make a fine boarding house or summer home. This house has two lots, 40×120 ft. Price $2,500. 1/3 cash, balance in 1 and 2 years with interest. A fine bargain.

One 9-room house in fine condition, three lots 40×120 ft. House has water and light, bathroom, summer dining room and every convenience, a very desirable place to live. Price $3,800, 1/3 cash, balance in 1 and 2 years with interest.

I have the above property for sale which is going to be sold at once. Anyone wanting a bargain will write or apply to
J. A. McLaughlin

Marlinton, W.Va.

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