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Thursday, April 16, 1914

Sheriff L. S. Cochran, in driving his team hitched to a buggy past the residence of H. S. Rucker, Thursday morning, the pole dropped down which frightened the horses, and they bolted and making the turn up Jury Street upset the buggy, throwing the sheriff and Frank Sparks out, and running on up the street. The buggy was completely demolished. Neither the occupants nor the horses were hurt. The horses ran on up on the hill and were caught.

The residence of Newton Moore, of Knapps Creek, burned last Friday, entailing a loss about two thousand dollars. There was no insurance. The family was at dinner when the fire was discovered in the roof of the kitchen.

Miss Minnie Showalter, daughter of the late Charles Showalter, died at the home of her mother, Mrs. Henry Doddrill, at Durbin, April 12, of spinal meningitis, aged 16 years.


R. K. Burns and W. A. Eskridge are in Huntington as witnesses before the Federal court.

Mrs. J. W. Yeager and children spent Saturday and Sunday with her father, P. M. Yeager, at Bartow.

Mrs. Martha Gay is very ill at the home of her daughter, Mrs. M. F. Gum. Little hope is had for her recovery.

H. M. Lockridge and Dr. M. S. Wilson have been appointed members of a commission to arrange for the celebration of the one hundred years of peace among English speaking people.

M. F. Ruckman, of Marvin Chapel neighborhood, has been very sick, but at last reports was some better. Rev. Lee V. Ruckman, of Warm Springs, Va., has been over to see him.

Forrest McClure, of near Millpoint, was badly but not dangerously hurt by being thrown out of his wagon last Saturday.

S. B. Wallace has bought an automobile from Bly Noel.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Pifer, at Warwick, a son.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Austin E. Duncan, at Buckeye, a son.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Duncan, of Buckeye, a daughter.



C. A. Cabel v A. R. Doyle, dismissed, settled.

Town of Durbin v McGraw, dismissed, settled.

E. B. Hill v J. W. Graham, dismissed, settled.

S. C. Collins vs Martha J. Collins, divorce denied.

L. S. Cochran admr. vs Minnie B. Sharp, decree of sale.

Eliza Apperson v Charles Apperson, decree of divorce.

Geo. Craig & Son v Thornwood Lumber Co., bill dismissed.

Mary F. Slaven v J. W. Riley, partition confirmed

Charles Friel v Ira Shinaberry, referred to Commissioner S. J. Sharp.

Minnie B. Cochran v R. S. Larue, rule dismissed.

A. A. White v Cornelia White, bill dismissed.

Julia B. Gay vs Levi Gay’s heirs, sale of Griffin place decreed.

O. H. Kee v N. P Spicher, Paris D. Yeager appointed receiver.

Emma G. Patterson admrx v J. N. White, sale of Williams River farm confirmed to J. H. Buzzard for $4,255.

Patrick Bruffey’s admr v Patrick Bruffey’s heirs, $550.10 found to be in receiver’s hands and disbursement ordered.

Iona B. Pullin vs L. B. Pullin, decree of divorce from bed and board.

Anthony Lightner v Hattie Lightner, decree of divorce from bed and board.

C. P. Dorr vs C.&O. Ry. Co. decree for plaintiff canceling deed for 25 acres.

Rebecca Burner v C. W. Slaven, judgement for plaintiff for $225.02.

Red Lick Lumber Co. v A. D. Williams, amount found due from receiver of $3,317.78 and disbursed.

W. R. Williams vs Robert Williams, decree of partition.


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