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100 Years Ago

August 23, 1917

Ever since the time that we can first remember we have been taught that China is the oldest and the most pacific of all nations and was the largest and most powerful, and that, if that country chose, it could by sheer weight of numbers overrun the rest of the world and conquer and subdue it. This has been the boo-a-boo of all Christian nations…

Now this great nation has declared war on the common enemy Germany, and, with Japan,stands ready to subdue that outlaw along with the other powerful nations of the world.

It should be a matter of great moment to us that have engaged Germany that the wisdom of the country of Confucius verifies our decision that Germany had to be checked and controlled if the world was to be a safe place for the common man.

From every side comes the wisdom of the world, that Germany and her ways are to be rebuked and corrected.
We can imagine that it would be a hard question for any of us, to say nothing of the innocent school boy, to be called upon to name, off hand, the nations that have declared war against the unspeakable German autocracy.

We pray for a speedy and victorious peace…


Owing to the overworked condition of the rail line of the C & O on the mountain divisions, an official went over the Greenbrier Division last week to report on the advisability of a new line of east bound freight trains to be handled over the division in this valley, and by the Western Maryland Railroad east to Baltimore, and to be known as the Blue Ridge Dispatch.

If this should materialize possibly as many as two hundred loads of freight would be handled over the line through this town per day. It would include all freight that called for quick delivery on account of its perishable nature or for any other reason.

The Greenbrier Division has been greatly improved and put into splendid condition within the last few years and with the exception of some rail that would be replaced by heavier iron the track is in condition to carry the proposed traffic…

Labor is a question with railroads at this time owing to the general scarcity and to the enlistment of many young railroad men in the army.

In the middle west there are already section gangs composed wholly of women with the exception of the section boss. These women, so far, are of European birth.


Arndt White has a good plot of potatoes. He also has an acre of corn which the wind blew down considerably.

Roscoe Beverage has a good pig. He is raising an acre of corn to feed it this fall.

Mamie White has some purebred R. I. Red Cockerels for sale.

Georgia Moore has some good white Leghorn chickens.

Wm. Moore is spraying his potatoes to prevent blight.

Andrew Moore has a purebred Poland China pig.

Julian Lockridge is putting up hay for M. F. Herold

Miss Johnson gave a canning demonstration at Wise Herold’s last week.


Leave Marlinton 9 a.m., arrive H. L. White’s 10 a.m. See soybeans and club work of boys and girls.

Leave H. L. White’s 10:15 a.m., arrive J. E. Moore’s 10:20. See potato demonstration.

Leave J. E. Moore’s 10:30 a.m., arrive at Coe Beverage’s 11 a.m. See club work of boys and girls – pigs and poultry.

Leave Coe Beverage’s 11:15 a.m., arrive at Price Moore’s 11:20. See corn demonstration.

Leave Price Moore’s 11:30 a.m., arrive at Sherman Gibson’s 11:40. See corn demonstration.

Leave Sherman Gibson’s 12 noon, arrive in grove between Frost and Dunmore.

Leave lunch ground 1:10 p.m. Inspect road from Dunmore to Arbovale.

Arrive at Greenbank 2 p.m. Inspect high school building.

Leave Greenbank at 2:30 p.m., arrive at G.V. Hannah’s 2:40. See barn, homemade silo and cattle.

Leave G. V. Hannah’s 3 p.m., arrive Uriah Hevener’s 3:20. See tractor, barns, homemade silo and hollow tiles, feed carriers in barn, cattle, potatoes, soybeans, results of phosphate, tile drainage.

Everybody take a lunch and don’t forget that this tour is for the women and children as well as the men.


Shorty McCoy and wife are visiting Mrs. McCoy’s parents on Williams river.

William Halterman is right sick at this writing.

Willard Taylor’s little child is very sick.

Jesse Judy and wife were visiting Lee Wilmoth’s Sunday.

We are sorry to see our young men have to go to war.

Anyone having a nice sow pig two or three months old for sale, please write Charles Spencer, Bartow, W.Va., giving description and price.

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