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100 Years Ago

Thursday, July 12, 1917

All registered men in the army should stay close at home as the drawing proceeds, for in army matters forthwith means pronto, at once, p.d.q., and it does not mean the middle of next week.

The West Virginia Bar Association met at White Sulphur Springs last week and we dropped the half dressed hide, and we let our business slide, and went to show some of our fellow lawyers how to golf, the general result of which was that we got properly trimmed. This article on the bar association will be found impregnated with golf for that is what we worked at mostly while there. We went there for an orgy in golf and we had it. We wish that every farmer in Pocahontas county who is so proud of his beautiful fields would go there just to see what they have made out of an old farm on Howards Creek where the summer boarders play golf. Just think of a front yard over a mile long and a half a mile broad set down in a circle of green mountains with a lake and a stream of water running through it. To stand afar off and look at that green jewel in its somber setting makes the heart leap, and when you wander through it, restores fire to the eye and vigor to the limb…

As near as we can learn, they have picked out a place on the side of a barn at Richwood on which it is proposed to nail our hide on the first convenient occasion. All because we said that we did not believe that Richwood had as much right to a union with Greenbrier County, as had Pocahontas, a first love. To this we say that to divert our road to another county would be a miscarriage of justice so reprehensible that the heavens would ring with our cries. A road to ruin us. We remarked to our old-time Richwood crony that we had known for some time that Richwood had had a mushroom growth, but that we had not known that it was of the poisonous variety until now.

About the most prosperous plants in this country at the present time are the farms. It was a long time coming, but it came.

Luther Beard, of Company E. Second West Virginia Regiment, located at Ronceverte, spent Sunday at home. Among other Pocahontas boys in his company are Tom Kennedy, George Darnell, Clifford Snyder and Sterling McElwee. This company consists of 150 men, forty of whom saw service on the Mexican border last summer.

Uriah Hevener has purchased an Avery Tractor. J. R. Gum and G. V. Hannah have purchased an ensilage cutter. S. B. Netekins has purchased a silo and a blizzard ensilage cutter.

Anyone having good clear quarter sawed spruce suitable for fiddle backs might inquire at this office. We have an inquiry for 60,000 feet.

Married at the Methodist parsonage by Rev. W. D. Keene, on July 2, Everett Henry Tacy and Miss Lucy Florence Taylor. On July 3rd, Henry Floyd Pitsenbarger and Miss Florence Mae Williams. On July 4th, James A. Gregory and Miss Fannie E. Wilfong; James R. Ware and Mrs. Sarah E. Simmons; Jesse Leon Judy and Miss Edith Pearl Wilmoth.

The little ten year old son of E. E. Ramsey, of Spice Run, fell from one of the lumber docks of the Spice Run Lumber Company last Wednesday. His skull was fractured, and he died from the injuries on Sunday morning. The little body was taken to Ronceverte for burial. The little boy’s name was Mohler. He was playing in sight of the house, and his mother called to him. As he turned to answer her, he lost his balance and fell to the ground, a distance of about twelve feet.


S. D. Kirk and M. S. Isbell expect to leave the latter part of the week on a trip to the northwest. Mr. Kirk going to Montana to help harvest his son Ballard’s 75 acre wheat field, and Mr. Isbell will go to Hot Springs, Arkansas, where he will spend some time, and from there he will visit points in Washington, Oregon and California before returning home.

Miss Matthews, of Marquette, Michigan, is visiting Miss Anna Wallace.

Wheat harvest is now on and the farmers should take the very best care of the crop to make sure to have nice dry wheat to sell this fall at a big price. Don’t thresh the wheat too soon. Let it get good and dry first. Advice is cheap but wheat is high. If you don’t think it, just try to buy.


The 4th of July came and lots of people came out to see it.

Fine growing weather and all kinds of crops are doing well.

Mrs. B. B. Campbell and Miss Mary Moore, of Frost, spent the 4th at Capt. C. B. Swecker’s.

We are pleased to learn that there will be a road built to the town of Raywood from Sitlington. Then next year we expect to see the road extended to Deer Creek and Cass on the east side of the river.

The good road movement through the county from Droop Mountain to Bartow by way of Marlinton, Huntersvillle, Dilley’s Mill, Dunmore and so on is the proper thing for the county to do…

Born to Lawrence McLaughlin and wife, a daughter.


Court has been in session for some time here, and the law has been doled out fair between man and man by Mayor N. B. Arbogast.

S. VanDevander is installing a light plant in his store.

The Ladies Aid social the 4th was very successful; they cleared $25 on one lemonade stand.

The ballgame the 4th was also a success. There was no booze around and the people all seemed peaceable.

J. F. Wooddell was ahead with this year’s potatoes for dinner July 1st. Can anybody in Greenbank district beat it?


Very warm and dry; pastures are burning but corn is not suffering so much yet and is growing fine.

Prof. Arlie W. Curry returned to his place of business in Richmond last Sunday.

Wm. Malcom put out a nice burial outfit for Mrs. Frances Wooddell of Arbovale, last week.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Morris Friel, July 6, a son. Both mother and child are getting along nicely.

S. D. McClure has the contract to carry the mail to Onoto, which he commenced the first of the month.

Nelson Anderson purchased a riding and driving horse from Wm. Shelton a few days ago.


Loring Nottingham and Clarence were fishing Saturday and caught 27 bass, one being 13 inches, which kept down hunger for a couple of meals.

We saw in last week’s paper that the bee inspector has been in the lower end of the county. We would like to see him in this section as there is a lot of bees in bad condition. Will someone kindly have him make a visit to this part.

Clyde Hevener was shot at Cass, but is getting along nicely.

Ambrose Yarnell is farming to a great extent on Spillman Run.

We had good behavior the Fourth in this community.


The life I live, the life I prize,
Seems tame to world-worn, weary eyes;
Those frantic souls spurred on by lust
For power and place, till all is dust;
They never know the sweet release,
Among the purple hills of peace.

I know not what the years may hold;
My dreams may fade, if I grow old;
But this I know, each golden year
Makes home and friends and life more dear;
Each year the heavens brighter gleam;
Each year enhances field and stream.

Come with me to the mountain height,
Bathed in a flood of morning light;
On every side the mountains stand,
Awful, indomitable, grand.
Yet through an all-wise Thesmothete,
The wildflowers bloom about our feet.

I know I gaze with raptured eye,
On scenes that once I idled by.
I envy not the potentate,
The rich, the mighty, high, and great;
My books, my friends, my mountains free,
Have been and are enough for me.

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