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100 Years Ago

June 7, 1917

The events of the past few months have reminded men of the fact that the great majority of the people in times of peace do not come in conscious contact with the Federal government except by the use of the mail. This is as great a compliment as could be paid the government, for the country is governed best that is governed least. There is no doubt that in this respect that Germany represented the one extreme and the United States the other. Germany trained for war and the United States for peace. Germany has sown the wind and she shall reap the whirlwind, and strangers shall swallow her up.

The health of our own beloved country is being tested and the results are magnificent. All are working together and the tread of our armies will soon shake the earth…

For as many years as we can remember, the rulers of Germany have been spoiling for a fight. They seem to have succeeded in getting it. They not only brought on the war, but they changed the rules of war, and pursued the tactics only known to barbarians heretofore…

When the Lusitania was sunk without warning the breaking point seemed at hand, and in the light of later days it might have been just as well to have broken with Germany then…

The offenses of the German government that have brought us into the war are too many to enumerate, but to our mind, the crowning indignity, and the one that was most dangerous to the Untied States government, was the deliberate insult that required us to keep off the seas, except for one ship a week and that to be painted like a barber’s pole, and to fly a new flag that looked like a checker board. To have agreed to this would have destroyed the United States. It would have made monkeys out of us, and the name of the United States would have been a hissing and a by-word at home and abroad. The liberty that our fathers fought for and gained would have been forever lost. It brought us to the fighting point with a jolt, for we knew then how precious was the heritage of a good name, and how delicate a thing is honor…


Old and young, rich and poor, white and colored, native and alien, all voted aye in Pocahontas against the Kaiser. There were no slackers, with possible one or two exceptions whose cases will be looked into by the authorities.

The registration in this county overran all estimates. The number registering in the county was 1,441. In addition 134 young men who work in the county procured cards and sent them home. About a dozen sent cards here instead of appearing in person. Exemptions were claimed in most instances on the grounds of dependent families. The thorough canvass indicates that there is not a case of cold feet in the county…


“It shall be unlawful for any person to suffer or permit any dog in his possession or kept by him about his premises to run at large upon any unenclosed land or trespass upon any enclosed or unenclosed lands of another.

“If any dog be suffered or permitted to run at large or trespass as aforesaid, or kill or assist in killing, injuring or chasing any sheep or other domestic animals out of the enclosure of the owner or keeper of such dog, proof that such dog was at large at the time and place of injury complained of shall be prima facie evidence of liability and guilt, as herein after provided…

“Any citizen may, and the sheriff, constables or other police officers of any county, district or municipality, shall seize any dog found unaccompanied by its owner or keeper and running at large on any road; street or other public place, or trespassing on any premises other than the premises of the owner. If such dog is wearing a collar bearing a [registered] tag, it shall be impounded and the citizen or officer so seizing and impounding said dog shall immediately thereafter by written notice notify the owner of such dog as disclosed by the record….

“Provided, that any citizen or officer may kill any dangerous or vicious dog, or any dog not registered as herein provided for, or any dog permitted to run at larger…


It is not often that logging camps are built in town. J. E. Moore Lumber company, Mountain Grove, VA., has just opened a new camp within a half mile of their mill and town, and about a mile from Mountain Grove.

Everything in this camp is new, the food is excellent, and the men will enjoy unusual opportunities as they can go to town and see the bright lights every night after the day’s work is done…


The contest between the Tennyson-Biley Literary Societies was a very creditable one. The debate was discussed by Clarence Smith and Joseph Burns, affirming, and Pearl Carter and Kent Keene, negative. The arguments of each speaker was good but the reasoning evidenced in Joseph Burns’ and the excellent delivery of Pearl Carter’s debate elicited commendable comment form the audience. The affirmative received the prizes of $2.50 gold pieces, which were donated by the First National Bank and the Bank of Marlinton respectively.

The essays rendered by Marie Smith and Pleas Richardson were pleasingly presented. The former receiving the prize. Which had been donated by S. B. Wallace and Company…


Mr. and Mrs. John A. McNeel and son, Grady, after spending the winter with Squire John G. Beard and family, returned to their home at Farmington, Washington.

Mrs. G. W. Callison and Mrs. J. K. Marshall are now visiting in Culpepper county, Va.

Mr. and Mrs. T. S. McNeel spent Sunday with his uncle M. J. McNeel.

K. O. Wade who is doing some farm work on E. H. Moore’s land, says he has the longest potato row in the county – 1,000 feet long and it required four bushels of potatoes to plant it. Who can beat it in this year of preparedness?


All the young from 21 to 31 registered Tuesday.

Our roller mill is very busy.

S. R. Pritchard is going to repair the old mill at Dunmore.

The ladies of Dunmore made a big American flag and it was unfurled to the breeze June 5th.


The fine rains we have had the last few days have greatly improved the meadows and pastures. Corn and potatoes are doing fine.

The Warn Lumber company has purchased the Bird Run of the Hoffman people and has contracted a large part of it. Cliff Sharp has contracted the cutting and skidding of two million feet of hemlock and hardwood and B. B. Campbell a like amount.

Meade Curry has purchased a Ford car of J. H. Baxter, agent, at Marlinton.

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