100 Years Ago

Thursday, December 21, 1916

Ezra Haskins, constable of a New England village, had an exalted opinion of his ability as a detective. He read everything he could find on the career of Sherlock Holmes, until he imagined that he had thereby acquired wonderful deductive abilities.
“Now, gentlemen,” said he on one occasion to his assistants in a particular case, “we have traced these clues, the footprints of the horse and the footprints of the man, right up here to this stump. From the stump on, there’s only the footprints of the horse. Now, gentlemen, the question arises: What has become of the man?” – Christian Register
– – –
Ford started the cry to get the soldiers out of the trenches by Christmas, and the Germans took it up this year. Let everybody sing, “There is one more flivver to Ford.” Chauncey Depew seems to have gotten off the best one on the Ford car:
The Ford machine is like a bath tub. Everybody wants one, but nobody wants to be seen in it.”
– – –
William Allen White in the last Collier’s claims that Hughes was beaten because he was not the man that he was in 1906, and that people found it out when he opened his mouth. That if he had not said a word that they would have elected him on his past record. Now we leave it to our readers that we said last summer after Hughes started to speak and about from the solid, that he had suffered from a climacteric change of life. These changes come to men in the course of their lives irrespective of age, but the ancient Greeks held that these important changes were five, and to be looked for in the 7th, 21st, 49th, 63rd and 81st years.
– – –
Some weeks ago children found a package containing postage stamps under the school house at Tuckahoe, a station on the main line of the C & O near the top of Alleghany Mountain. The package was wrapped in a copy of the Cincinnati Times Star of August 5, 1916, and contained stamps to the value of $178.87. On the night of the fourth of August the postoffice at Edray was robbed and among other things, stamps to the amount of $216.41 were taken. In the package were stamps of the kind and number to correspond to those taken from Edray and the date of the paper makes it pretty certain where the stamps were from.
– – –
Married at Dunmore Dec. 17, 1916, Luther Russell Campbell and Miss Onie Blanche Thompson.
– – –
Mrs. Bruffey, widow of the late Bradford Bruffey, died at her home at Lobelia yesterday, aged 86 years.
– – –
Wirt C. Ward, county commissioner of Randolph county, died at a hospital in Baltimore last Thursday night of Bright’s disease. He was 58 years old, a farmer, large landowner and one of the wealthiest men in his county.

Miss Annie Foster’s cooking school is being well patronized.
The box supper here Saturday night had a good attendance.
Mr. and Mrs. John McCoy are preparing to move into their new residence.
A. J. McCoy has commenced work on his new house.
There will be a Christmas tree on Locust Creek Saturday night. A full attendance is desired.

It begins to look like winter is here for sure – 8 or 10 degrees below zero and plenty of snow.
With butchering all done, and the turkeys about all sold, there is not much to do but feed and keep up the fires.
F. C. Arbogast is building a house for Will Ervin, but the cold weather interferes with his work.
P. A. Tracy, of Buffalo Mountain, was in town one day last week, getting his horse shod. Our blacksmith, Mr. Halterman, knows how to fix them up for the icy roads.

Tom Beard met with an accident one morning last week, and he is now confined to his room with a broken collar bone and other injuries.
The annual Christmas tree entertainments of the Metho-dist and Presbyterian Sunday schools will be held during the holidays next week.
Miss Polly Sydenstricker entertained the senior High School class very delightfully one evening at her beautiful country home.

Everybody is looking forward to Christmas and expect Santa Claus to visit young and old.
Do not forget the box supper at the Sunset school house Tuesday eve, Dec. 26. Come girls and bring a box, and boys bring your pocketbooks.
Do not forget the Xmas service at Minnehaha Springs Xmas morning at 10 o’clock.

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