June 22, 1916

June 20th
And on that day, no loving arms
Reached forth, the newborn child to take –
Mid cannon’s roar, and war’s alarms,
did West Virginia’s soul awake;
Behold, her face is stern and wild,
The beetling crag, the darkling fen
Mark deep her mien, the war born child.
Grim mother of hard mountain men;
We hail the day, we pledge anew,
Our hearts, our hands, our lives to you.
– – –
New Castle, Pa. – A. S. Lyons, of Pocahontas county, West Virginia, on trial for shooting to death Louis Witte in an Elwood City hotel about a month ago, was today found guilty of second degree murder by a jury in criminal court here. Lyon’s defense was insanity. He will be sentenced later.
– – –
A man named Dobbins was perhaps fatally injured at the Buckeye sawmill Tuesday morning. He was on a truck load of logs and was attempting to unload them, when the logs started rolling suddenly and he was thrown under the logs, some of which rolled over him. He was bought to the Marlinton Hospital, and it was found that his hip was badly mashed and that he had suffered internal injuries from which he can hardly recover. Dobbins is about 30 years old, married and has children. He is a native of Summers county.
– – –
Work has commenced on the foundation for the District High School Building under the supervision of E. E. King. G. W. Duncan has the contract for the cement work. The contract for the superstructure will be set July 3. This will be a fine building of brick construction, 66 x 60 feet, two stories and a basement, the basement being entirely above ground.

The date for the fourth annual meeting of the Pocahontas County Horse Show has been set for August 1, 2, and 3. The place will be the Oakland Stock Farm at Hillsboro, and Mr. McLaughlin expects to have the catalog out by the first of July. This show has been the event of the year for the horse lovers and fanciers of the Greenbrier Valley, and this year it promises to be better than ever. Already many entries of fine horses from Randolph and Greenbrier counties have been booked, and there are more and better horses in this county than ever before.
There will be fast racing every day of the show – running, pacing, trotting, hurdle and double harness events. Ladies’ and gentlemen’s saddle and harness classes; draft, pony and colt entries. In every contest the purses will be liberal. The services of a good band has been secured…

E. H. Williams of Marlinton was here on business Saturday.
Mrs. Bessie Gibson and Miss Lena Hannah are visiting friends at Marlinton.
John Armstrong, of Pen-dleton county, was in this section buying cattle last week.
C.J. Richardson and Andrew Price, of Marlinton, were guests at James Gibson’s last week.
William Hannah was visiting his daughter on the Draft, last week.
E.B. VanReenen, of Onoto, has accepted a position with Ed. Robinson as cook at his camp.
George Bright was at Marlinton on legal business recently.

Living on Schedule
The man who is living this life on schedule time deserves to be an object of pity. I know of one creature who is so precise in his appointments that he is actually living a month in advance of himself. You say to him, “Whatchergonado tomorrow noon, Bill?” and he’ll consult his little vest pocket engagement book and inform you that he is filled up as far as next Wednesday at 10 p.m. (meaning engagements, of course). Then you say, “I wanted you to lunch with me tomorrow at 12.”
“Let me see,” says he; “I have a fifteen minute canceled engagement at that time, so I’ll accept your invitation. Meanwhile you’ll excuse me, dear boy, for I have a directors’ meeting on at 4:22 and leave for Goplunk, N.J. at 5:48, but I’ll be on hand at 12 sharp.”
And he records it in his book. This schedule crank has everything prearranged except his funeral, and if he happens to have a previous engagement, I’ll wager he’ll disappoint the mourners by postponing that.

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