June 16, 1916

G. L. Carlisle and C. W. Kennison were on business at Richwood last week. They returned Monday and reported that the large band mill there is running day and night, and cutting about eleven million feet of lumber per month
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The best laid schemes of mice and men gang oft a-gley.
The greatest care was exercised in bringing the two wings of the Republican party together in Chicago where it was thought that they might fuse, but instead of fusing, a cold wave intervened and the effects of it were felt to the uttermost parts of the nation…
It is not much wonder that they did not get together. The two parties are widely separated so far as ideals are concerned. The Democratic party stands midway between the two extremes and it would have been easier for either of the parties to have joined the Democratic party.
It may be that the Progressive party is about to have the experience of the Republican Party. In 1856 the Republican party showed up strong at the polls, and in 1858 it was practically extinguished. But in 1860 it came back and it has been going strong ever since.
In the Republican convention, about the only color that enlivened the proceedings was the red that flowed from Ike Mann’s nose when the Governor gave him a wallop on the breezer. The dispatches said that the Governor paid him this compliment and then rushed from the Coliseum. Like the gent who flung his bloodstained sword in thunder down. We do not gather that it was much of a fight. It was hasty and unmediated – something like an old hoss kicking at a fly. We started to shudder some and then concluded that it did not amount to much anyway.

It was in the Coliseum in Chicago,
On the evening of a fateful, trying day,
that he lifted up his bleeding nose to heaven,
And to the multitude assembled there did say:
“He has tapped me on the beak, the Guvnor!
I have been assaulted by no common clay;
The man who hit me was the Guvnor –
Excuse me then for hollering hooray!
We have traveled here from West Virginia,
Between our houses there’s a little feud,
We have had a paltry disagreement.
and perhaps the Guvnor was a trifle rude;
I am bleeding like a blooming Caesar,
It is dripping on my waistcoat and cravat,
But take notice that it was the Guvnor,
I can well afford to let it go at that.
In the far off hills of West Virginia
where there dwells a bold, heroic race.
They will spread the news with exultation
How the Guvnor up and poked me in the face.
He is burly, big, and double-jointed,
He is Guvnor of our domain, don’t you see?
They will know me as the man who was anointed
by our Guvnor on a jaunty jamboree.

The Pocahontas Times
November 13, 1902
While searching for information on The Pocahontas Bank, this little gem came into view, and is worth sharing.

All the Prisoners Escape from County Bastile
Three men break Jail. Filed off Bolts and go through Opening Made by the Ill-Famed Jerome Kellison. Ellet Lange and two Loggers named
Sturms and Phillips,
the Missing Members.
Tuesday night the prisoners in the jail, having become tired of being so closely confined, left for parts unknown.
Wednesday morning, the jailer went in to see how his charges fared and when he came to the door of the jail he found that it was locked on the inside. Feeling that something was wrong he went not in at the straight gate, but climbed over the back fence and found a big hole in the integrity of his jail. Through this he crawled and let himself in by the regular door.
Upon examination, it was found that there were no prisoners in the jail. Not one could have been found with the aid of the most powerful microscope. The word was passed around and it gave the town wit an opportunity to get in his semi-annual joke: “How many prisoners are in jail?” he says to his victim. “Three,” says that man.
“You’re a liar,” says the funny man, “they all got out last night.”
The news spread over the county like the whooping cough. Some people were inclined to get a little excited over it, but the old residenters had grown so accustomed to it that they never turned a hair.
The prisoners escaped through the hole the last batch went out. They had a file and two knives. The county authorities thought they had made the jail hog tight and bull proof but these enterprising young men sawed off two bolts where the former hole had been screwed up. They then got out into the corridors and then dug some bricks out of the wall and fled the scene.
The file they had secured some weeks ago when some work was done on a stove in the jail. The file was missed at that time and search was made for it but it was not found.
The prisoners were in jail for the following offenses:
Ellet Lange charged with malicious mischief in burning a hay stack belonging to Clark Kellison.
Sturms and Phillips charged with grand larceny.
The county authorities naturally felt a little hurt over the way these thoughtless young men abused their hospitality, but if they will come back, all will be forgotten.
The jail has had so many holes cut in it that it is greatly depreciated in value.
There should be a motto over the jail:
“He who enters here does not leave hope behind.”

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