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GBEMS students honored at achievement breakfast

Green Bank Elementary-Middle School hosted its annual achievement breakfast May 1 to recognize students for their academic achievements.

Guidance counselor Ira Brown announced the current and new members of the National Junior Honor Society.

“Membership into the National Junior Honor Society is one of the highest honors that can be awarded from Green Bank Middle School,” Brown said. “There are chapters in more than five thousand middle schools across the nation striving to give practical meaning to the society’s goals of scholarship, leadership, citizenships and character. The National Junior Honor Society also strives to recognize the total student: one who excels in the goals I just mentioned as well as putting forth a strong effort in the classroom and respect for the school and those around them.”

Student inducted into the NJHS last year: Cora Hedrick, Jacob Hise, Aspan Holder and Jarrett Taylor. New inductees are: Madalaine Fleming, Jeremiah Grimes, DeWayne Lambert, Meggan Long, Noah Barkley, Jacob Jones and Brianna Morgan.

Principal Ricky Sharp, II, recognized students from each grade with certificates for their achievements this year.

Kindergarten: Jayden Bennett, Shayla Bennett, Colton Cover, Callie Davis, Dakota DeHaven, Wade Garber, Damaris Perera, Shealyn Plaugher, Callie Propst, Cammi Warner, Gary Warner and Nathaniel Wimer.

First grade: Jade Arbogast, Taylor Arnold, Florian Baudler, Maria Breeden, Trenton Brock, Keisha Brown, Miranda Gum, Ella Johnston, Paigelyn Long, Caleb McCarty, Easton Nelson, Garrett Nelson, William O’Ganian, Jax Peck, Gracie Sisler, Makenzie Taylor and Kaydence Waybright.

Second grade: Luke Blechl, Ashley Bussard, Jillian Fortney, Emilynn Hall, D. M. Lowe, Jeremie Mick, Madeline Ray, Mackenna Shinaberry, Guy Taber, Olivia Vandevender, Summer Warner and Kaelyn Wolfe.

Third grade: Rachel Davis, Gracie Frizsell, Finnley King, Max O’Ganian, Emma Riffe, Nacota Smith, Mason Solliday, Kelsi Taylor and McKenna Woody.

Fourth grade: Hunter Curran and Iam Johnston.

Fifth grade: Sienna Bircher, Ty Cochran, Joseph Hajzer, Jennalee Meck, Carleigh Warner and Cheylin Woodruff.

Sixth grade: Sage McLaughlin, Dakin Rex-rode and Alexa Taylor.

Seventh grade: Noah Barkley, Jacob Jones, Brianna Morgan, Mathias Solliday and Logan Woodruff.

Eighth grade: Cora Hedrick, Jacob Hise, DeWayne Lambert and Meggan Long.

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