Some very interesting and historical items walked right into The Cackling Hens, LLC the other day. Co-owner Leslie McLaughlin recently purchased a set of circa 1942 Lund Military Service Snowshoes.

“I bought them from from a lady in Highland County,” McLaughlin said. “She said she picked them up a long time ago, and was just ready to get rid of them. After purchasing them and getting them back to the shop, I decided to do a little research on the pair, and came up with some pretty interesting information. For them to have matching numbers is amazing, as most of the quartermasters at the time would just store the snowshoes all together and then dole them out in pairs, whether the numbers matched or not. I also found out that the bindings were hand drawn around the snowshoes. They have an amazing history, and they would make a great addition to anyone’s collection.” B. Nottingham photo