students were inducted into the Spanish Honor Society at the Pocahontas County High School Foreign Language Festival Sunday. From left: Hunter Tankersley, Laura Leyzorek, Mary Grace Rich, Katie Gibson, Brianna Mills, Caitlin Keatley, Catlyn Sparks and Jacob Hise. Not pictured: Marley Brust. B. Nottingham photo

Brandon Nottingham
Staff Writer

Pocahontas County High School hosted its annual Foreign Language Festival Sunday.

There was a good turnout for the event, but attendance has gone down over the years.

“We just aren’t as big as we used to be,” PCHS Spanish teacher Shirlene Groseclose said. “But we are looking to bring this event back into its full glory. We really want the kids and the parents to get involved with this program. Usually we have little skits in Spanish before the award ceremony, but we just don’t have the same following that we used to and we had to sacrifice that event this year. But, never fear, for it shall return one day.”

Most of the ceremony was in Spanish, and a few students were inducted into the Spanish Honor Society.

To be accepted in that society, students must maintain a grade point of 3.25 or higher, and must have taken Spanish 3.

Inductees are Hunter Tan-kersley, Laura Leyzorek, Mary Grace Rich, Katie Gibson, Brianna Mills, Caitlin Keatley, Catlyn Sparks, Jacob Hise and Marley Brust.

These students received their induction plaque and lit candles to symbolize igniting the love of Spanish history and culture in themselves and promising to spread that love throughout the world.

Next up in the event were the winners of the cook-off.

Students had to prepare various foods that represented Spanish culture. The theme of the food was Savory and Sweet.

The winners for the Sweet category were: third place, Sierra Rodriguez; second place, Jennalee Meck and Cheylin Woodruff; and first place, Charity Morrison. Winners for the Savory category were third place, Carlie Ervine and Kayla Gibson; second place, Killian Dennison and Kiera Rigsby; and first place, Hunter Tankersley and Mary Grace Rich. Honorable mention went to Jonie Barlow and Kourtney Cohenour.

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