Teresa Kloeker, center, presented the Shafer/Kincaid Scholarship to Lindsey Hartzell, left, and Brady Jones, right.

Brandon Nottingham
Staff Writer

Students, family, and faculty gathered at Pocahontas County High School May 17 to recognize the academic and athletic achievements of this year’s students.

Everyone in attendance enjoyed a dinner prepared by the PCHS Pro-Start team, led by teacher Teresa Mullen.

Following the dinner, the PCHS coaches addressed their players and talked about their individual seasons.

The coaches praised their players, and thanked them for their hard work and commitment during each season.

The verbal thanks were followed by awards.

PCHS Athletic Director Kristy Tritapoe began the Special Recognitions with the Arch Wooddell Sportsmanship Award.

“This Sportsmanship Award is dedicated to Arch Wooddell,” she said. “He was a very respected coach, and always prided himself on sportsmanship. All of the coaches get together to decide who will receive this award. The two students that will be receiving the award this year are Brady Jones and Tessa Jordan. They showed great sportsmanship on and off the field, and we all agree that they deserve this.”

Next was the June Riley Math Award, given by Laurel Dilley. The award is presented to an athlete with outstanding grades in mathematics. Brady Jones was the recipient of the award.

The William Dilley award is given in memory of William Dilley, who was a track star at PCHS, and an avid supporter of the Warriors Athletic Program. It was presented by Justin Dilley. The award went to Kyle Lester.

The Coalfield Conference Athlete of the Year was presented to Lindsey Hartzell and Wyatt Workman. These two students are invited to attend a banquet at Tamarack, which recognizes Athletes of the Year.

The Shafer/Kincaid Scholarship, a $250 scholarship that honors two alumni of PCHS, was presented by Teresa Kloeker. The scholarship was awarded to Lindsey Hartzell and Brady Jones.

The West Virginia Secondary Schools Activities Commission recognized three fans who showed great interest and passion in the sporting community.

These three were always at games, helping out, and all-around promoting the Warrior Athletics programs. The recipients of the recognition were Linda Taylor, Jacob Taylor and Noah Barkley.

“We also want to give a very special thank you to the Pro-Start class,” Tritapoe said. “Ms. Mullen and her students prepared the meal, and they have been outstanding this year. And thank you to the volunteers, the students, parents, community members, and all of the others who dedicate their time and resources to keep Warrior Athletics a success. And thank you to the support staff, such as the clock keepers, bookkeepers, statisticians, and others who assist during the athletic events.”