APPEARING ONE DAY only, once a year for 19 years, The Coal Hollow Brothers rode into Marlinton last weekend and grabbed first place in the annual RoadKill Cook-off. This group aims to please with its style, antics and cuisine. The painting and recipe for this year’s competition was “Moana Lani.” Team members are Elaine Blackford, John Pennington, Mike Pennington, Marlow Harris, Erin Rose, Matt Rose, Gordy Sachs, Jim Syers, Adam Sachs, Eric Pennington, Halil Dalipi, and Chef Ed Blackford. More photos on page 6. B. Nottingham photo

Brandon Nottingham
Staff Writer

The Coal Hollow Brothers, making their 19th appearance and dishing up yet another of their culinary creations was led by Chef Ed Blackford. The team won first place overall and tied for the Showmanship Award at the annual RoadKill Cook-off during the Autumn Harvest Festival in Marlinton Saturday.

The Coal Hollow Brothers went tropical this year with a Hawaiian-themed chili, “Moana Lani,” which included venison and Mexican chorizo sausage.

PENDLETON COMMUNITY BANK “Buck Busters” team leader Kendell Beverage smiles for the camera, while stirring up a prize winning mess of Bambi’s Revenge at Saturday’s RoadKill Cook-off. The team won People’s Choice, second place overall and tied for Showmanship. Team members were: Beverage, Lauren Dunbrack, Rebekah Friel, Ashley Hammons, Kim Beverage, Debbie Burgess, Addisyn Waddell and Selina King. B. Nottingham photo

The Pendleton Community Bank team, dressed as the “Buck Busters” for the RoadKill Cook-off won the coveted People’s Choice Award, tied with The Coal Hollow Brothers for the Showmanship Award and came in second overall in the annual competition.

Led by Kendall Beverage, the team prepared “Bambi’s Revenge” served over Maggots,” or spicy venison stir-fry over rice.

THE HILLSBORO HILLBILLIES from Burton’s Enterprises took third place in the RoadKill competition with their Rabbit Alfredo. You can’t go wrong with a recipe that calls for rabbit meat, butter, heavy cream, parmesan cheese, garlic, salt and pepper over pasta. It was “de-de-de-ricious!” Team members were Debbie Walker, Kenny Frum, Heather Walker, James Burton and Sherry Alderman. Photo courtesy of the Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Hillsboro Hillbillies, of Burton’s Enterprises, led by Jim Burton, took home third place with their Rabbit Alfredo.