Green Bank Elementary-Middle School hosted a Volunteer Appreciation Brunch last week. Community involvement coordinator Lucy Rittenhouse, right, thanks the volunteers for their dedication to the school during the past year. The brunch menu was prepared by Teresa Mullens and the Pocahontas County High School ProStart team. B. Nottingham photo

Brandon Nottingham
Staff Writer

Green Bank Elementary Middle School hosted a Volunteer Appreciation Brunch Thursday to say “thank you” to any and all who volunteered their time to help during the school year. The event was coordinated by Lucy Rittenhouse and principal Ricky Sharp.

As a indication of the support the community gives to the school, invitations were sent to more than 100 volunteers, although many were unable to attend the brunch.

“I sent out so many invitations, that if everyone that has volunteered would have shown up, we would have had a full gymnasium,” Rittenhouse said. “I just want to start off by saying thank you so much to everyone for taking the time to help out our school system. They are truly amazing and without these people, we would be swamped around here. And I also want to point out that they do amazing jobs at the work they perform around here. We are truly blessed.

“As for the brunch, we just wanted to show a little appreciation for the people. Teresa Mullen and the Pro Start team at the high school provided a delicious banquet for us here. The food was absolutely delicious.”

In addition to volunteer work, some people have also made generous donations to the school.

“We are blown away by the outstanding community we have supporting us,” Sharp said.

Sharp expressed his appreciation for the support of the Durbin Lions Club, First Citizens Bank of Arbovale and the Green Bank Observatory.

“These people have made a huge impact on the school system, and without them we wouldn’t be half as prepared and organized here at GBEMS,” Sharp said. “The Lion’s Club donated 20 new tables, and they couldn’t have come at a better time. We got to use them today for the brunch.”

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