Left photo: Jessica Fitzgerald. Right photo: Betty McMillion

Brandon Nottingham
Staff Writer

Earlier this month, the Pocahontas County Visitors Bureau began a program called the Pocahontas County Hospitality SuperStar.

The purpose of the program is to seek out businessowners and employees throughout the county who exceed visitors’ and guests’ expectations.

Cara Rose, Director of the PCCVB, was the one who came up with the idea.

“Pocahontas County receives over $100 million annually from people visiting our beautiful county,” Rose said, “but the reason they come back is the people. And we want to ensure that the people who interact with the public in their businesses are encouraged to show the best hospitality that they can. So we are going to have a monthly selection, where a ‘secret shopper’ will go into random businesses and proceed to act and shop like a visitor. We are looking to see friendly smiles and if they can answer questions, if they know where certain places are and how to get there, and if they can direct that person to the nearest visitors center. And if these persons exceed the expectations of the secret shopper, then they will receive a $25 gift card.

Last week, the two winners were Betty McMillion at Dairy Queen and Jessica Fitzgerald at Rt. 39 in Huntersville.

“We are so proud of them and encourage everyone to keep up the good work.”