Green Bank Pack #1013 held its Pinewood Derby Thursday at Green Bank Elementary-Middle School. Winners were: Nathanael Barkley, first place; Riley Keffer, second place; and Colton White third place. Daltin White won Best in Show. Scoutmaster is Sam Dunn.

Marlinton Cub Scout Pack #33 held its Annual Pinewood Derby Sunday afternoon at the Pocahontas County Wellness Center. Owen Barb took home the first place trophy; Mason Simmons came in second, and Caleb Ritter’s entry took third place. Colten Luikart won Best in Show. Scoutmasters for Pack #33 are Sam Gibson, Brad Dunz and Jennifer Dunz.

Note: The first Pinewood Derby for scouts was held May 15, 1953 in Manhattan Beach, California. B. Nottingham photos