Brandon Nottingham
Staff Writer
A new and unique event will take place at the Pocahontas County Opera House September 26, 27 and 28, at 7 p.m. when three local ministers present “A New Direction with our Wonderful God.”

This program is specifically planned for young people, but it is, in fact, for anyone who is looking for answers in the turbulent times we face today.

This is intended to be an educational event and is free and open to the public.

The program will last only about an hour each night.

Pastor Shaun Clark, of the Mountain View Assembly of God Church at Edray, is scheduled to speak the first night.

Pastor Clark is no stranger to the pulpit, wherever it may be.

 “I have preached at quite a few churches in my life,” Clark said. “I moved here from Virginia about five years ago, and I absolutely love it. I was in the Navy for eleven years, and after I got out, I went to Bible College. Afterwards, I was moving around Virginia quite a bit, and was ordained in Suffolk, Virginia. I was in Tidewater when I got a call about the Mountain View Assembly of God Church in October of 2012, and I have loved being up here ever since.

“I enjoy what I do, and it is what the Lord wants me to do.”

After being the pastor in Edray for that long, you find that you’ve made a lot of friends who share a common interest. 

“I got a very interesting phone call the other day,” Clark said. “J. L. Clifton gave me a ring. I met him a while back at a Coffee and Prayer event, and we hit it off. So when he called, he mentioned this revival that he wanted to have, and I was blown away by his idea. He wanted to put together an event that wouldn’t be held at a church, so that we can get unchurched people to come out and learn about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s going to be an awesome event where everyone can come out and learn the truth about our Lord.

“Even if you’ve never read a single word in the Bible; if you’ve never been to church once, that’s okay. You can come out and enjoy the experience and learn something new.

“I am slotted to give the sermon on the first night, and I plan to touch on God, and all that he does for us. And it’s not a scary thing, or a competition. God loves everyone perfectly, and I want people to know that.

“Life is hard  – there is no doubt about that – but we can help each other, and support each other, so that we may live better. Even though I am scheduled to speak on the first night, I will be attending every night in a supportive role.

“If you have anything that you want to talk about or any type of question about our loving Lord, feel free to approach me and ask. And if you don’t get to me at the revival, my door is always open.”

There will be something for everyone at the event.

Four different churches will host this event. They plan to focus on informing children and parents especially, so they know that they can live a better and more purposeful life.

There will be live music and refreshments each night, as well.

The events will be high velocity, with a lot of information packed into a short amount of time.